iOS 7 compatible versions coming soon

Thank you to everyone that have brought the issues to my attention regarding iOS 7 and FlightScale / FlightPlan template saving. I have already submitted an update for FlightScale to Apple for approval, and will be wrapping up FlightPlanHD this evening. Early next week I’ll have FlightPlan for the iPhone complete as well. It will take Apple a couple days to complete the review process but it should be in your hands soon.

From here forward I’ll be building my apps targeting iOS 7, which means the newer updates will only be available for devices running iOS 7. I believe the impact for users here will be minimal because iOS 7 will work on many older devices, and also because Apple allows users to download the “latest compatible version” for whatever version of iOS they may be running.

Please reach out to me if you have any further issues going forward. Thanks again everyone for your patience.

FlightLog for iPhone 5 Update

Today I pushed an update to Apple that I’m sure a lot of users have been waiting for; FlightLog will now work great on your taller iPhone 5 phones!

I have also gone through many of the screens and have updated them to look nicer. I know that I still have more work to do with this and will be spending more time with this going forward, but I hope you like what I’ve done so far.

It may still take Apple up to a week to approve the update, but once you see it please let me know what you think.

Below are some screenshots of the interface.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 20, 2013 6.22.08 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 20, 2013 6.22.15 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 20, 2013 6.22.48 PM


FlightLog for Android

I’ve been using android a lot lately, and one thing I’ve really missed from my old iPhone was my FlightLog app. This sparked me to build a version for android, and the first version is available on the Google Play store!

I’ve approached the android version of FlightLog quite a bit differently than I did with my iOS one. On iOS I started with a very simple app built for my needs, and later started tacking on all kinds of fields and features that were requested by other users thinking that I’d be able to cover all of the bases that way. The requests never stopped coming and managing everything became unwieldy.

Right out of the gate I wanted to address these issues for the android version and make a simple app as flexible as possible. Soon I’ll take this approach and rebuild FlightLog for iOS from the ground up with everything I’ve learned.

FlightLog for android uses a SQLite database to store your data. It stores data differently to prevent rounding errors that could be caused from different methods of entering and converting data. And, most importantly, it allows users to create their own fields!

FlightLog for android comes with a very small subset of fields that are common among all pilots, and the user can create whatever fields they want to track other data. These fields will accumulate totals just like the built in fields, etc.

Dropbox backup and recovery is built in so that you can keep your data safe in the cloud as well as utilize multiple android devices for managing your flight time. (The backup files between iOS and android are not compatible at this time).

Another great thing is that FlightLog for android has a clean new interface that I’ll try to be adopting across more of my apps.

I have more work to do with FlightLog on android to get all of the features the iOS variant has. But I have a very solid foundation to build off of, and I think you’ll love it! Let me know!

Check out the user guide here:





FlightScale for Android

I’ve been making pretty good progress enhancing FlightScale on Android. This app just got a basic version of the Helicopter Template that allows you to calculate both a longitudinal and lateral CG. Also, “Email Report” functionally has just made its way in!

If you haven’t checked it out in awhile take a look, and feel free to send me feedback!