Welcome to Warbred Studios, home of iPhone and iPad aviation solutions such as FlightPlan, FlightLog, and FlightScale. Follow the link to each solution's web page to read more about the software and how it will help you be more productive in planning your flights or analyzing your flight time.

  FlightPlan is an iPhone/iPod Touch native application designed to help pilots plan flights! E6B tools, Weight and Balance, etc. Follow the link for more information.
  FlightPlanHD is an iPad native adaption of FlightPlan with many enhancements to utilize the larger screen! Includes a full version of FlightScale and a full screen Navigation Log!
  FlightLog is an iPhone/iPod Touch native application that allows pilots to log and analyze their flight time from their device.
  FlightScale is an iPad Weight and Balance Graphing Calculator.
  SkyGauges is an iPhone/iPod Touch native openGL application that brings you your movement data in attractive aviation style analog gauges!
  FlightPlan is now available as a native android app! I'm working hard to bring the functionality up to FlightPlan for iOS. Read more about it here.
  FlightScale is now a native Weight and Balance Graphing Calculator for android.
  FlightLog is now available as a native android app! FlightLog for android features cloud backup, user definable fields, and a beautiful user interface.