Welcome to the DevBlog!

The software I offer on the app store is a product of evolution shaped by its users. Almost daily I receive emails from users who provide valuable feedback on the software, and these users generally also provide me a list of requested features that they feel that would make the product perfect for them. I would love everyone to think the product is perfect for them, so I try to incorporate everything possible!

There are some great things in the pipeline for my apps and I wanted to provide a way to let people know what kind of stuff is in development for them. I created this DevBlog as a channel to do just that!

The Community Forums have been great to handle support issues and to log version history, etc. But I feel that the DevBlog will allow me to talk about things yet to come in a formal way even before I submit code to the app store. I’d really love people to become involved and comment about ideas because all of us together will be able to design something better than one of us alone! After all, your ideas may hit your device and make the product do just what you’ve always needed!

That’s my spiel; hope to see you all here soon!