Utility Envelope Plot for FlightScale / FlightPlanHD

I have been working hard to integrate more functionality in to FlightScale and FlightPlanHD. I’ve had requests to allow a utility/acrobatic envelope definition to be added to the plot alongside the normal plot. I’m happy to say it is coming along nicely!

The interface for entering the new envelope will be familiar to current users. On the top of the limits list there is now a selection control where you can switch over to define the utility category.

It is important to note that the utility envelope is passive in that it won’t automatically check if you are in or outside of it. It is a visual aid that will plot in your graph so that you can visually do the checks yourself if you want to.

Even though the feature isn’t complete yet I want to give you a sneak peak at what it may look like. Please note that the interfaces may change before release and that this is a sample only and does not represent actual Cessna 152 Utility Envelope data.

photo 1

photo 2