FlightScale's Email Report Feature [Updated]

I have just cut builds of both FlightScale and FlightPlanHD (containing the new FlightScale) and submitted them to Apple for approval! I expect these should be approved within the week!

This first implementation of the Email Report will provide basic data, such as the summary of the resulting weights / CGs and the plot, and allows you to type in extra data if you wish. All of this will be shipped off (via email) to you, your employer, or whomever you send it to!

I’m looking forward to feedback to hear what other data people would like in their reports. I expect to be expanding on the options of this reporting feature quite a bit in the coming months, so send me your feedback!

Here are a couple screenshots to show you what it looks like! (Please note that the data in the following screenshots is not guaranteed to accurately represent a Piper Seneca. Values may have been changed during testing and may not reflect a real aircraft).