Exciting Feature for FlightLog Coming!

I want to let everyone know that the number one requested feature will indeed see the light of day, and sooner than later! A smaller patch should hit your phones in the next couple of days, but as soon as that clears I’m ready to submit the “big ‘un”.

How does manual data backup from FlightLog sound? How about backup to the cloud? Even better? Wait ‘till you hear this next part-How about online data backup to the cloud and it being absolutely free? How about being able to import your data on other devices running FlightLog, such as your iPad? How is that for a free update?

I know it has taken me a lot of time to get backup functionality out to you but I needed to make sure it was done right. Free and low maintenance were requirements and it is ready to go. I’m sure I’ll receive a lot of feedback once it hits people’s devices and it will continue to improve from there.

I also want to say thank you to everyone for your continued support and enthusiasm about FlightLog. Your feedback is shaping it to be the best logging app for flight time, and it will only get better.