FlightLog 2.0 Almost Ready!

I’ve been telling people that I’m working on a huge update to FlightLog and so I need to push off feature enhancements until the huge update is completed. I’m very happy to announce that huge update is almost ready!

This update has been a monster for me to complete. I’ve sunk tons and tons of time into it. Visually FlightLog only looks slightly different, but under the hood I’ve re-architected the log memory management system to better handle large data-sets.

I’ll be happy when this monster reaches your phones and I’m hoping to get some feedback on it. Be sure to contact me immediately if you have any issues with FlightLog after this update. I’m currently putting it through the paces trying to make sure it will hold up to the crazy things you people put it through...

You can read more details about the individual changes here: http://warbredstudios.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=618&p=992#p992

Here is a little preview...