FlightScale 1.2 Submitted

I have just submitted FlightScale 1.2 to Apple for approval. Not sure how long it will be before Apple pushes it out, but this will be a good update!

One of the biggest additions is that you can define landing weight for your fuel tanks! Your plot graph will now show you 3 points, your Full Fuel, Landing Fuel, and Empty Fuel. Not only that, but your graph will label values to your envelope points so you can see the thresholds easier.

You also will now have up to 12 limit points to work with!

You can now define a Max Takeoff Weight and a Max Landing Weight, each will show a horizontal line on your graph for reference.

Good stuff, right? There will be more to come! Thanks everyone for your input. If I haven’t gotten your requests integrated yet I’ll be working on them soon.