FlightScale Enhancements

The update for FlightScale I have been working on is almost ready to go and I will be submitting it very soon. I wanted to mention that I have improved how FlightScale handles Landing Weight.

Now, instead of adding an entry to the weight / arm table to specify the landing weight, you’ll be able to specify a “Ramp Burn” and a “Trip Burn” on each fuel entry. I believe this is a much easier approach and less confusing for the user. Plus, who wants to have to pre-calculate the landing weight anyway? You’re entering data in to a should do that for you...right? :)

So, this update currently will bring the following improvements:
  1. Ability to specify a utility / acrobatic envelope (for visual purposes).
  2. Improvements to landing weight entry.
  3. Ability to provide Ramp Burn and Trip Burn values.
  4. Ability to specify Max Ramp Weight, and Max Zero Fuel Weight

Here are a couple screens showing the new Ramp & Trip Burn

photo 1-1

photo 2-1