The iPad Evolution

I just got my hands on an iPad! I admit that I wasn’t terribly excited about the device before I got one for myself, but after spending a bit of time with it I know this will be an invaluable tool for many people. The device is awesome for sure.

The screen is simply brilliant. Apps made for the iPad just seem so powerful because of all the information that can be presented to the user. User interaction is also easier because of all the space available to place components.

I certainly want to bring my apps to the iPad because there are some tools I’ve created that will benefit greatly from the larger format. I’m first planning on bringing some of FlightPlan’s functionality to the iPad, but in parts since FlightPlan is so gigantic; it’d take awhile for me to complete the entire app.

I’ll be working on improving UI design as I rebuild these tools, and then I will be moving the improvements back to the iPhone versions of the app.

I’m starting off with the Weight and Balance tools. I’ve already started building these and I’m very pleased how they are turning out. Everything fits on one screen, including data entry, limits entry, and your live graph!

My goal is to have the Weight and Balance iPad app completed and submitted within 2 more weeks. Stay tuned for screenshots and more information about this project!

Thanks everyone for your emails with feedback and requests.