More goodies for FlightScale Coming!

As some of the followers know I have been working on adding the Utility/Acrobatic envelope definition to FlightScale and am almost done with it. While I’m knee deep in the code I’ve decided to try to get even more features integrated for the next release.

You can look forward to being able to define a “Ramp Burn” for fuel. This is the amount of fuel you burn during your taxi and run-up.

Also, you can now define a Max Ramp Weight as well as a Max Zero Fuel Weight along with the Max Takeoff and Max Landing weight already provided.

If you provide a “Ramp Burn” value you will see up to 4 dots on your plot now. An “R”, “T”, “L”, and “Z” (for Ramp, Takeoff, Landing, and Zero Fuel).

It is all still in the works, but I hope to have this update wrapped up and submitted to Apple very soon. Stay tuned!