Up next for FlightScale

FlightScale has seen a good amount of attention lately. It just got the “Email Report” feature and has already received an update to enhance that further. It’ll get more improvements down the line too, but for the most part people seem to be happy with it so far.

Another large issue I have been needing to address is the ability for helicopter pilots to define “Lateral Envelopes”. I believe this will be coming soon; I’ve started taking steps to prepare for this feature.

Before I tackle lateral envelopes, I decided to redesign how I handle limits in the software. While the interface to the user will remain very much the same, “under the hood” things are changing significantly. The end result will make it much easier for me to change and enhance limit related functionality.

Also, you’ll be getting more limit points available to you too (which will make some of you happy).

After the lateral envelope feature, I want to enhance the “Non-linear Fuel” feature further. Specifically, I’d like to make it so every fuel entry can have its own non-linear fuel table specified.

So, that is what is on my plate right now for FlightScale. Thank you to all of the users that provide feedback, and to those of you showing off the software to your friends and colleagues. Your support is appreciated and helps insure continued developement.