FlightLogHD Released!

FlightLogHD has just been released!

FlightLogHD brings the log management and analysis tools of FlightPlan to the iPad, and utilizes the larger screen to make it easier than ever to manage flight time.

Check it out on iTunes here:

If you are an existing user be sure to back up your existing flight time using the Dropbox backup/recovery feature built in to FlightLog. If you do not already have your free Dropbox account, use this link to create it and get an extra 250mb of free storage! http://db.tt/XfNTSbj

From the original version of FlightLog simply log in to the Backup/Recover feature and tap “Backup to Dropbox”. Then, from FlightLogHD on your iPad log in to the Backup/Recover feature and tap “Recover from Dropbox”. Simple as that!

Thank you everyone that has provided feedback and requests. This knocks a large item off my “To Do” list. Now on to the next…


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