iOS 7 compatible versions coming soon

Thank you to everyone that have brought the issues to my attention regarding iOS 7 and FlightScale / FlightPlan template saving. I have already submitted an update for FlightScale to Apple for approval, and will be wrapping up FlightPlanHD this evening. Early next week I’ll have FlightPlan for the iPhone complete as well. It will take Apple a couple days to complete the review process but it should be in your hands soon.

From here forward I’ll be building my apps targeting iOS 7, which means the newer updates will only be available for devices running iOS 7. I believe the impact for users here will be minimal because iOS 7 will work on many older devices, and also because Apple allows users to download the “latest compatible version” for whatever version of iOS they may be running.

Please reach out to me if you have any further issues going forward. Thanks again everyone for your patience.