iOS 7 compatible versions coming soon

Thank you to everyone that have brought the issues to my attention regarding iOS 7 and FlightScale / FlightPlan template saving. I have already submitted an update for FlightScale to Apple for approval, and will be wrapping up FlightPlanHD this evening. Early next week I’ll have FlightPlan for the iPhone complete as well. It will take Apple a couple days to complete the review process but it should be in your hands soon.

From here forward I’ll be building my apps targeting iOS 7, which means the newer updates will only be available for devices running iOS 7. I believe the impact for users here will be minimal because iOS 7 will work on many older devices, and also because Apple allows users to download the “latest compatible version” for whatever version of iOS they may be running.

Please reach out to me if you have any further issues going forward. Thanks again everyone for your patience.

Lateral analysis and graphing for FlightScale!

I finally have lateral envelope analysis integrated in to FlightScale!

The helicopter template will now allow the user to define a longitudinal and lateral envelope and test against both to let you know if you are within the limits or not. The Email Report feature will also display both graphs and details for you to send out.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. More great stuff to come.

Helicopter pilots will be happy!

I have almost completed an update that I know helicopter pilots have been waiting for…lateral plot and envelope analysis!

There will be a smaller update hitting your devices within the next few days. After that, I will be finishing up the lateral plot and envelope analysis changes and submitting them. Then, it is just a waiting game until Apple approves the updates.

More stuff to come. Thanks everyone for your patience while I work on your requests.

Up next for FlightScale

FlightScale has seen a good amount of attention lately. It just got the “Email Report” feature and has already received an update to enhance that further. It’ll get more improvements down the line too, but for the most part people seem to be happy with it so far.

Another large issue I have been needing to address is the ability for helicopter pilots to define “Lateral Envelopes”. I believe this will be coming soon; I’ve started taking steps to prepare for this feature.

Before I tackle lateral envelopes, I decided to redesign how I handle limits in the software. While the interface to the user will remain very much the same, “under the hood” things are changing significantly. The end result will make it much easier for me to change and enhance limit related functionality.

Also, you’ll be getting more limit points available to you too (which will make some of you happy).

After the lateral envelope feature, I want to enhance the “Non-linear Fuel” feature further. Specifically, I’d like to make it so every fuel entry can have its own non-linear fuel table specified.

So, that is what is on my plate right now for FlightScale. Thank you to all of the users that provide feedback, and to those of you showing off the software to your friends and colleagues. Your support is appreciated and helps insure continued developement.

FlightScale's Email Report Feature [Updated]

I have just cut builds of both FlightScale and FlightPlanHD (containing the new FlightScale) and submitted them to Apple for approval! I expect these should be approved within the week!

This first implementation of the Email Report will provide basic data, such as the summary of the resulting weights / CGs and the plot, and allows you to type in extra data if you wish. All of this will be shipped off (via email) to you, your employer, or whomever you send it to!

I’m looking forward to feedback to hear what other data people would like in their reports. I expect to be expanding on the options of this reporting feature quite a bit in the coming months, so send me your feedback!

Here are a couple screenshots to show you what it looks like! (Please note that the data in the following screenshots is not guaranteed to accurately represent a Piper Seneca. Values may have been changed during testing and may not reflect a real aircraft).





FlightScale Email Report Imminent

FlightScale (and FlightPlanHD) will finally be getting the ability to send an email report of your Weight and Balance. This feature has been in my “to do” list for quite some time and I’m happy to say it is finally coming soon!

The report will contain the CG Plot Graph with your Ramp, Takeoff, Landing, and Zero fuel points in your envelope, as well as the text values of the points.

I know a lot of people have been waiting for this feature for some time now and I sincerely appreciate your patience.

I do not have an exact ETA of when to expect the update, but likely in a few weeks it should be out. Watch either this DevBlog or @WarbredStudios on twitter for updates on when to expect this feature to go out.


FlightScale Enhancements

The update for FlightScale I have been working on is almost ready to go and I will be submitting it very soon. I wanted to mention that I have improved how FlightScale handles Landing Weight.

Now, instead of adding an entry to the weight / arm table to specify the landing weight, you’ll be able to specify a “Ramp Burn” and a “Trip Burn” on each fuel entry. I believe this is a much easier approach and less confusing for the user. Plus, who wants to have to pre-calculate the landing weight anyway? You’re entering data in to a computer...it should do that for you...right? :)

So, this update currently will bring the following improvements:
  1. Ability to specify a utility / acrobatic envelope (for visual purposes).
  2. Improvements to landing weight entry.
  3. Ability to provide Ramp Burn and Trip Burn values.
  4. Ability to specify Max Ramp Weight, and Max Zero Fuel Weight

Here are a couple screens showing the new Ramp & Trip Burn

photo 1-1

photo 2-1


More goodies for FlightScale Coming!

As some of the followers know I have been working on adding the Utility/Acrobatic envelope definition to FlightScale and am almost done with it. While I’m knee deep in the code I’ve decided to try to get even more features integrated for the next release.

You can look forward to being able to define a “Ramp Burn” for fuel. This is the amount of fuel you burn during your taxi and run-up.

Also, you can now define a Max Ramp Weight as well as a Max Zero Fuel Weight along with the Max Takeoff and Max Landing weight already provided.

If you provide a “Ramp Burn” value you will see up to 4 dots on your plot now. An “R”, “T”, “L”, and “Z” (for Ramp, Takeoff, Landing, and Zero Fuel).

It is all still in the works, but I hope to have this update wrapped up and submitted to Apple very soon. Stay tuned!

Utility Envelope Plot for FlightScale / FlightPlanHD

I have been working hard to integrate more functionality in to FlightScale and FlightPlanHD. I’ve had requests to allow a utility/acrobatic envelope definition to be added to the plot alongside the normal plot. I’m happy to say it is coming along nicely!

The interface for entering the new envelope will be familiar to current users. On the top of the limits list there is now a selection control where you can switch over to define the utility category.

It is important to note that the utility envelope is passive in that it won’t automatically check if you are in or outside of it. It is a visual aid that will plot in your graph so that you can visually do the checks yourself if you want to.

Even though the feature isn’t complete yet I want to give you a sneak peak at what it may look like. Please note that the interfaces may change before release and that this is a sample only and does not represent actual Cessna 152 Utility Envelope data.

photo 1

photo 2


FlightPlanHD - FlightPlan for the iPad!

It is finally here!

FlightPlanHD is the iPad version of the aviation super-tool, FlightPlan - Pilot's Toolbox. FlightPlanHD isn't just a port of FlightPlan's iPhone functionality, it has some special tools built in specifically designed for the larger screen format.

FlightScale is built in! FlightScale is a powerful and evolving weight and balance app for the iPad. Rather than just bring over the iPhone's weight and balance tools (that are a bit more limited because of the smaller screen) I integrated the full version of FlightScale right in to FlightPlanHD! For a full list of FlightScale's features please read about it on the website.

The Navigation Log Calculator is a new FlightPlanHD feature that doesn't yet exist in the iPhone version. This screen makes quick work of calculating your VFR navigation log reports.

All of the tools available for the iPhone version have been brought over too, and the larger screen makes these functions more useful than ever! Here are a few screenshots below!

Spring is coming, enjoy the skies!