FlightLog for iPhone 5 Update

Today I pushed an update to Apple that I’m sure a lot of users have been waiting for; FlightLog will now work great on your taller iPhone 5 phones!

I have also gone through many of the screens and have updated them to look nicer. I know that I still have more work to do with this and will be spending more time with this going forward, but I hope you like what I’ve done so far.

It may still take Apple up to a week to approve the update, but once you see it please let me know what you think.

Below are some screenshots of the interface.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 20, 2013 6.22.08 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 20, 2013 6.22.15 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 20, 2013 6.22.48 PM


Exciting Feature for FlightLog Coming!

I want to let everyone know that the number one requested feature will indeed see the light of day, and sooner than later! A smaller patch should hit your phones in the next couple of days, but as soon as that clears I’m ready to submit the “big ‘un”.

How does manual data backup from FlightLog sound? How about backup to the cloud? Even better? Wait ‘till you hear this next part-How about online data backup to the cloud and it being absolutely free? How about being able to import your data on other devices running FlightLog, such as your iPad? How is that for a free update?

I know it has taken me a lot of time to get backup functionality out to you but I needed to make sure it was done right. Free and low maintenance were requirements and it is ready to go. I’m sure I’ll receive a lot of feedback once it hits people’s devices and it will continue to improve from there.

I also want to say thank you to everyone for your continued support and enthusiasm about FlightLog. Your feedback is shaping it to be the best logging app for flight time, and it will only get better.


FlightLog 2.0 Almost Ready!

I’ve been telling people that I’m working on a huge update to FlightLog and so I need to push off feature enhancements until the huge update is completed. I’m very happy to announce that huge update is almost ready!

This update has been a monster for me to complete. I’ve sunk tons and tons of time into it. Visually FlightLog only looks slightly different, but under the hood I’ve re-architected the log memory management system to better handle large data-sets.

I’ll be happy when this monster reaches your phones and I’m hoping to get some feedback on it. Be sure to contact me immediately if you have any issues with FlightLog after this update. I’m currently putting it through the paces trying to make sure it will hold up to the crazy things you people put it through...

You can read more details about the individual changes here: http://warbredstudios.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=618&p=992#p992

Here is a little preview...


FlightLog Progress

Hi everyone, I owe you all an update. I’ve received a lot of feedback for FlightLog, and I’ve told most of you that I’m in the middle of a huge architecture change but didn’t know when I’d finish it. I have a bit more info on that front.

First off, there is an update for FlightLog submitted. This has a few minor updates in it, most notably the ability for FlightLog to open right where you left it off if you are running iOS4. I’m hoping that compiling this for iOS4 will relieve some of the performance issues some iPhone 3G owners saw after they upgraded their OS. This update will likely be out within 5 days or so.

The larger architecture change...I’ve been working on this update for a couple months now. I’ve had a lot of real life distractions along the way too, which hasn’t helped any. But I did reach a milestone tonight with this update. I’ve completed most of the handling of data, including adding/editing aircraft and logs, and also the query builder...All of these systems will utilize your data in a way where it will use a lot less memory. I still have to do the report generation and A LOT of testing, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I don’t feel comfortable giving out a timeframe yet. I’d like to say I’ll have it submitted in 2 weeks time, but I don’t like to make promises I can’t keep. So, we’ll leave it at “I’m hoping to get it submitted within the next couple weeks”.

Sorry for the delay in getting this completed. I know some of you are waiting on features you have requested, and I’ll be getting back to adding new features once this big update is done.

Thank you again for your patience and support.


In-Dev Update

Just wanted to post what I’ve been up to App wise the past couple of weeks, and what is in store for your mobile pleasure:

FlightScale: I just submitted an update tonight for FlightScale that will allow you to use up to 7 limit points now in your envelope. Judging from Apple’s recent approval process, expect this to hit your iPads in about 5-6 days.

FlightPlan (iPhone): I’m getting some good enhancements in FlightPlan that frankly should have been integrated long ago. A lot of older calculations aren’t heeding the setting changes for your units, and I’ve been fixing them up to do so. I’ve been finding these by doing testing while developing the android version of FlightPlan, so it really will help improve both products.

FlightPlan (android): I’m still making progress on the initial release of FlightPlan for android, but I’m still a ways off from submitting it to the market. I’ll try to check in again in 2 weeks to see where I’m at; I’m hoping to be pretty close to the initial release in 2 weeks but with family coming to visit...you never know.

FlightLog: I’ve started re-architecting how FlightLog handles its data. Namely, I have a few users that are really pushing FlightLog to the limits of their older iPhones and they are having memory issues. When I complete this big update, they will have issues no longer. I’m still a couple weeks out from completing this as well.

So, all in all, I’m getting some good stuff done. It’ll get to you soon, I hope! Happy 4th to everyone state side. To everyone else, go on holiday anyway! :D

FlightPlan Update Submitted!

I’ve been working on an update to FlightPlan tonight, and I’m happy to say that I’ve made some good progress on improving the Weight and Balance system more. I currently have FlightPlan plotting your weight and balance on a diagram so you can see your envelope and how you fall within / around it!

This is a feature that has been asked for a few times now, and it is something I’ve always meant to add but I just didn’t know how to approach it. The new limits screen gave me a good place to put this information so I figured now is as good of a time as any.

I’ll be continuing work on this update for the rest of this week and submit it by the end of the weekend. You should see a FlightPlan update hit your phones next week sometime.

Read more details about what this update will include here: Version 1.19.0

Trouble Generating FlightLog Reports?

If you are having trouble generating FlightLog reports, meaning that FlightLog crashes when you hit the generate button, and you have FlightLog version 1.4.6 or later, please try the following. If you have an earlier version, please update FlightLog and then do the following.

This will reset your report generation settings, such as your column order and visibility, but it should restore your ability to generate reports.

1. Type “reset” into the field where your email address goes on the report options screen.
2. Tap “Generate Report”
3. Confirm resetting the settings by tapping “Reset”. (This will bring you back to the home screen)
4. Replace your email address in the email field, tap “Generate Report” again, this should complete successfully.

If this does not fix your problem please contact me immediately.

FlightLog v1.5.2 Released

This is a very important update that fixes an important issue with the v1.5.0 update. Please look for this on the app store.

FlightLog v1.5.0 Released!

I have just submitted the 1.5.0 update to Apple. Apple’s approval time has been getting better lately, and we may see this go out as soon as a couple days from now! I wasn’t able to get all of the new features I plan to add into this update, but this update is still very big. Read about the specific changes here on the forum post.

The major enhancement in this update is the ability to mark your favorite fields so they are easier to find when logging your entries.

FlightLog's Immediate Future

FlightLog has been receiving a lot of attention lately. This is mostly because I have been receiving so much feedback for it. I have some big enhancements I want to get integrated. I am not sure if I can get them all in for the next update, but these are all things that should all be available soon.

I of course have a few more fields that people have requested to be integrated into the system. Of course I want to get these in, but as most of you know there are so many fields available now for FlightLog, it sometimes can be hard... Read More...

FlightPlan v1.18.4 Update

This minor revision has been released by Apple and addresses an issue with the Great Circle and Course calculation suffering from error within certain quadrants of the world.