FlightPlanHD - FlightPlan for the iPad!

It is finally here!

FlightPlanHD is the iPad version of the aviation super-tool, FlightPlan - Pilot's Toolbox. FlightPlanHD isn't just a port of FlightPlan's iPhone functionality, it has some special tools built in specifically designed for the larger screen format.

FlightScale is built in! FlightScale is a powerful and evolving weight and balance app for the iPad. Rather than just bring over the iPhone's weight and balance tools (that are a bit more limited because of the smaller screen) I integrated the full version of FlightScale right in to FlightPlanHD! For a full list of FlightScale's features please read about it on the website.

The Navigation Log Calculator is a new FlightPlanHD feature that doesn't yet exist in the iPhone version. This screen makes quick work of calculating your VFR navigation log reports.

All of the tools available for the iPhone version have been brought over too, and the larger screen makes these functions more useful than ever! Here are a few screenshots below!

Spring is coming, enjoy the skies!












FlightScale Update Coming

The passed couple months I worked heavily on FlightLog to get the new backup/recovery system in place. That feature has been a big success with users and I’m glad to finally get this frequently requested feature integrated.

I now want to get some updates available for my other apps, and the next up is FlightScale! I have just submitted the first of a couple updates I plan to get done over the next few weeks. This update, 1.5, will allow you to expand your plots to full screen so you can get a good look!

Also, you can define a max forward and aft center of gravity in all of your templates!

I’m anticipating this update will hit your iPads sometime around the first weekend in March.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Keep it coming and I’ll do what I can to get it integrated.

Non-Linear Fuel CG coming!

It has been awhile since I have updated this blog. Life has been quite busy lately and I’m hoping it will calm down a bit after the holidays.

One thing that I have been working on that I wanted to share with you is support for Non-Linear Fuel CGs! This will allow you to enter the table of data from your POH for the fuel trends as the fuel weight changes, and FlightScale will now plot the CG changes for your fuel tank from full fuel down to empty! Also, when you enter a fuel weight (or landing fuel weight) it will look up the CG from the table and fill it in for you automatically.

It is important to note that these enhancements can only be applied to the longitudinal CG at this time.

A number of other improvements and interface tweaks are on the way soon. Stay tuned!

Below is a sample screenshot of FlightScale showing a plot using the new variable CG feature (note that the upper bounds of the envelope for the aircraft have been reduced to make relative plots larger). Compare the yellow line on the graph, which shows how the actual longitudinal CG varies with fuel consumption, with the graph of the Fuel Center from the POH for this aircraft. Notice the similar trend in the two graphs.

FlightScale v1.4 Screenshot showing Non-linear fuel CG

Screen shot 2010-12-07 at 11.56.01 PM
Fuel Center variable CG graph from POH

FlightScale 1.2 Submitted

I have just submitted FlightScale 1.2 to Apple for approval. Not sure how long it will be before Apple pushes it out, but this will be a good update!

One of the biggest additions is that you can define landing weight for your fuel tanks! Your plot graph will now show you 3 points, your Full Fuel, Landing Fuel, and Empty Fuel. Not only that, but your graph will label values to your envelope points so you can see the thresholds easier.

You also will now have up to 12 limit points to work with!

You can now define a Max Takeoff Weight and a Max Landing Weight, each will show a horizontal line on your graph for reference.

Good stuff, right? There will be more to come! Thanks everyone for your input. If I haven’t gotten your requests integrated yet I’ll be working on them soon.


In-Dev Update

Just wanted to post what I’ve been up to App wise the past couple of weeks, and what is in store for your mobile pleasure:

FlightScale: I just submitted an update tonight for FlightScale that will allow you to use up to 7 limit points now in your envelope. Judging from Apple’s recent approval process, expect this to hit your iPads in about 5-6 days.

FlightPlan (iPhone): I’m getting some good enhancements in FlightPlan that frankly should have been integrated long ago. A lot of older calculations aren’t heeding the setting changes for your units, and I’ve been fixing them up to do so. I’ve been finding these by doing testing while developing the android version of FlightPlan, so it really will help improve both products.

FlightPlan (android): I’m still making progress on the initial release of FlightPlan for android, but I’m still a ways off from submitting it to the market. I’ll try to check in again in 2 weeks to see where I’m at; I’m hoping to be pretty close to the initial release in 2 weeks but with family coming to visit...you never know.

FlightLog: I’ve started re-architecting how FlightLog handles its data. Namely, I have a few users that are really pushing FlightLog to the limits of their older iPhones and they are having memory issues. When I complete this big update, they will have issues no longer. I’m still a couple weeks out from completing this as well.

So, all in all, I’m getting some good stuff done. It’ll get to you soon, I hope! Happy 4th to everyone state side. To everyone else, go on holiday anyway! :D

FlightScale Helicopter Template Imminent

I have just submitted the v1.1.0 update for FlightScale on the iPad. This version brings with it the helicopter template which allows for the center of gravity to be calculated for both the longitudinal and lateral axis. Plotting your limits currently only occurs for the longitudinal axis.

This update contains a few other minor updates. More information can be found at the forums.

It will likely take a few days for Apple to approve this update, unfortunately. But it’s coming, I promise!

FlightScale for iPad

FlightScale has been released for the iPad! FlightScale takes the core Weight and Balance functionality from FlightPlan and brings it to a beautiful large screen!

There is plenty more on the way for FlightScale. I’m planning to get helicopter support integrated, and email reports integrated as well. I’ll then bring this functionality over to the iPhone version in FlightPlan too.

Stay tuned!

The iPad Evolution

I just got my hands on an iPad! I admit that I wasn’t terribly excited about the device before I got one for myself, but after spending a bit of time with it I know this will be an invaluable tool for many people. The device is awesome for sure.

The screen is simply brilliant. Apps made for the iPad just seem so powerful because of all the information that can be presented to the user. User interaction is also easier because of all the space available to place components.

I certainly want to bring my apps to the iPad because there are some tools I’ve created that will benefit greatly from the larger format. I’m first planning on bringing some of FlightPlan’s functionality to the iPad, but in parts since FlightPlan is so gigantic; it’d take awhile for me to complete the entire app.

I’ll be working on improving UI design as I rebuild these tools, and then I will be moving the improvements back to the iPhone versions of the app.

I’m starting off with the Weight and Balance tools. I’ve already started building these and I’m very pleased how they are turning out. Everything fits on one screen, including data entry, limits entry, and your live graph!

My goal is to have the Weight and Balance iPad app completed and submitted within 2 more weeks. Stay tuned for screenshots and more information about this project!

Thanks everyone for your emails with feedback and requests.